Resident Well-Being

Your community's well-being depends on the well-being of your residents.

A community cannot truly be well unless all of its members have the opportunity to pursue their fullest well-being potential. At Nicoya, we recognize that the well-being of the resident must be a focal point if the community intends to foster The Nicoya Lifestyle within their environment. Because this is true, we offer a robust, customizable resident well-being program encompassing all six dimensions of well-being.

What is your well-being score? We will tell you and help you THRIVE.

At Nicoya, our holistic approach serves to enrich every aspect of your residents' lives, and, through proven behavior change principles, produces increased engagement in their individual and collective pursuit of well-being. The more engaged your community residents, the better their outcomes. The better their outcomes, the better your brand and business.

Through our proprietary ThriveFit™ Well-Being Assessment, your residents will learn their  true health score, and with the help of our onsite well-being professional, can identify opportunities for improvement.nicoya-thrivefit


Our onsite well-being professionals teach classes that focus on a variety of areas, including:

 ThriveFit™ Well-Being Assessment

This holistic well-being evaluation encompasses upper and lower body functional strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, balance, body composition, cognitive health, and quality of life all combined in the ThriveFit™ Score.


This second-opportunity education program allows residents to major in subjects within the College of Health & Well-Being, the College of Communication, the College of Civic Engagement, and the College of Arts & Literature. ThriveU combines professional teaching with resident-led activities and projects to help engage the mind in a holistic approach to well-being.


This dynamic, circuit-style physical training program engages the whole body in movements that are safe and effective. Strive2Thrive is a 12-week program that offers the initial ThriveFit™ Well-Being Assessment with a scientifically-based approach to progressing individuals safely towards increased functionality.


This popular 12-week chair yoga program progresses participants through stretching and strengthening movements in order to improve overall strength and range of motion. The program offers the initial ThriveFit™ Well-Being Assessment with a safe, gentle, and proactive way for residents to improve upon their overall well-being.


This program combines elements of tai chi and more traditional range of motion movements to increase strength, mobility and stability. Like the others, this 12-week program begins with the ThriveFit™ Well-Being Assessment and progresses from there, offering three weekly classes to meet the residents' needs.