The Nicoya Lifestyle



Through our logo, we intend to do two things: tell a story and offer an invitation. The story that we’re telling is the story of community well-being. So often within the senior living community, employees and residents are not considered as a singular population, but rather are separated. We, at Nicoya, see things a bit differently – we see the senior living community as a single community where a diverse group of people co-exist together. On our logo, you see an image that shows two colored strands wrapping their way around a green leaf. This is our portrayal of the fact that when both residents and employees are given an opportunity to pursue well-being together, their community will inevitably Thrive.

But the story doesn’t end there. Each senior living community that we have the fortune of working with is ultimately a part of the larger senior living community. So, the story that we’re telling doubles as an invitation – join us. Join the growing number of senior living communities around the country who are making The Nicoya Lifestyle their community’s lifestyle.

Holistic Approach

Based on the six dimensions of well-being, our methods are designed to fit the needs and interests of each participant, capturing and enriching every aspect of human life, and ultimately culminating in what we call, "The Nicoya Lifestyle."

Nicoya Mind

A mind engaged in the pursuit of emotional and intellectual well-being.

Nicoya Social

A person connecting with others in the collective pursuit of well-being.

Nicoya Body

A body actively pursuing its optimal functional well-being.

An environment where individuals interact with the world around them for optimal well-being.
Nicoya Spirit

A spirit driven in the pursuit of finding purpose.

Employing one’s skill-set and interests in the pursuit of well-being.


Because there are no cookie-cutter senior living communities, we don’t offer cookie-cutter well-being programs. We believe that a well-being program works best when it is tailored specifically to fit the unique needs and interests of your community. So, that’s what we offer, a customized solution.

Having our experience rooted in the senior living industry means that we understand the unique needs and challenges that the industry presents. Whether it’s managing the demands that come with being a care-provider, retaining top talent, or weathering the storm that comes with workman’s compensation injuries – we get it. And because of our experience with such challenges, and others, we are able to create customized strategies to enhance overall well-being and contribute to key company metrics.


We begin by getting to know your unique culture from the front-lines to leadership.


Taking what we learned during the Assess Phase, we lay out a comprehensive three year strategy that meets your needs and interest.


We implement the plan to reach your community’s goals and objectives and, ultimately, to enhance well-being.