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Change Culture by Creating Culture

One of the things that you'll hear us saying around here quite often is our talk of culture, or, more specifically, our effort to embed well-being into the "culture" of the communities where we're working. While it sounds good, this can often be a pretty nebulous concept. So, recognizing this to be the case, my goal here is to remove the ambiguity from the concept of building a culture of well-being, and then identify a strategy or two for actually doing the work of transforming culture. But in order to get there we'll have to answer a series of questions.

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Looking Ahead: The Well-Being Trends That We Hope to See in 2017

Every year about this time the internet is lit up with research and opinions on well-being trends that were observed in the previous year, and those that are projected to make their mark on the coming year. We observe these trends within senior living as well, some we like and others not as much. But, rather than take a look back and reflect on what trends 2016 produced, I'd like to look forward at three well-being trends that we hope to see (and are striving for) within senior living in 2017.

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Value = Return

If you're keeping track of what's been going on within the field of well-being of late, you've probably noticed somewhat of a changing emphasis, from Return on Investment (ROI) to what's being called Value of Investment (VOI). Often, what's communicated from these vantage points is an "either-or" scenario – you "either" see things from the perspective of the potential return on your investment, "or" from the value that it adds to your organization. My argument here is that the two need not be pitted against each other.

Employee and resident well-being at its core, in its purest form, is not primarily about turning an investment into a positive financial gain – or it shouldn't be. Yes, providing well-being services costs money. Yes, it would be great if the money spent resulted in money gained. But, at the end of the day well-being is about people. Read More

A Snippet from the National Falls Prevention Conference

I have the privilege of speaking at the 3rd annual National Falls Prevention Conference in Los Angeles tomorrow morning.  As a past attendee, I know the conference is a delivery of presentations on an assortment of evidence-based fall programs proven successful in all areas of senior living and community-based older adults.  I was quite certain I would present on the success we have seen using the Resistance Dynamics MoveMor Lower Body Trainer boards this past year in both skilled and assisted living settings, however I have realized it is not the need for programs that is missing, rather the processes and work flow that can make any program successful.

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Conference Season is Here!

Conference season is officially underway and we've just wrapped up the season's first event: the 2016 AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo. We were proud to be the only employee and resident well-being provider in attendance. 

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Celebrate Well

Is your senior living community stodgy?

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The Nicoya Lifestyle

The logo that you see gracing the pages of our website, like most company logos, is more than just an eye-catching picture. It is not something that was simply slapped together with no rhyme or reason. It holds a great deal of significance – it is telling the story of The Nicoya Lifestyle.

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Joy and Caregiver Well-Being

Regardless of the context, wearing the hat of a caregiver is both a delightful and difficult job. The opportunity to serve another person by providing excellent care is a privilege, but certainly not one without its challenges.

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Transforming Socialization

In long-term care and activities-planning there seems to be an unspoken rule and expectation that the more people we have sitting in one room to participate, the better the outcome. I keep asking myself, "where did this notion come from and when exactly did it start?" 

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The Nicoya Lifestyle: Social Connectivity

Mankind was not meant to live alone. We see this from the beginning of time. We can also see this in our own lives as well, right? There is something inherently good about community and experiencing life with others. We see it everywhere we look; in our malls, at our workplaces, in our churches and communities. Being 'together' is somehow a part of what makes us human and affords us the rich reward and pleasure of an increased level of well-being.

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